Sepidan Osareh Co. Product Certificates.

We Produce & Export: Licorice Extract Powder, Blocks, Liquid (Paste), Granules, Nuggets and etc.
We Supply Best Quality, Pure and Natural products.

 Certificate Licorice Certificates Best Quality Licorice Extract Liquid Paste Granules Nuggets Blocks Powder CE GMP HALAL ISO

We have obtained and hold the following certificates :

ISO 9001:2008 certified – ISO 22000 certified – ISO 14001 certified – ISO 10668 certified – HACCP – GMP – CE – HALAL – I.R.I FDO

Licorice Iso 9001

ISO 9001

Licorice Iso 22000

ISO 22000

Licorice Iso 10668

ISO 10668

Licorice Iso14001 IranLicorice

ISO 14001

Licorice HACCP


Licorice CE IranLicorice Licorice Certificate


Halal Certification Certificate Licorice Halal Liquorice Powder Blocks Granules Liquid Products halal


Licorice GMP iranLicorice


Licorice Ahmad Shokripour IranLicorice

Ahmad Shokripour

Licorice Meysam Shokripour iranLicorice

Meysam Shokripour

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