Factory Laboratory:

factory laboratory: Our state of art laboratories, HPLC analysis and testing insure the quality, safety and goodness of all our products.
The factory is the first company of such a business in Iran to obtain the Iranian food and drug certification approval to insure its customers of the quality of the products they purchase.

Our daily examination of Ochratoxin A (OTA) , glycyrrhizic acid , Moisture , Starch and Gums, Total Sugar  and more in our labs insures safe products meeting international standards or higher.
Our products packaging meets European Standards, even though we can do the packaging according to your required specifications.
Our company would take any orders of licorice extract products and would deliver in the shortest time.
We have the capability to supply you with your requested specifications.

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Licorice Products Iran Licorice Extract Powder Blocks Granules Nuggets Liquid Paste root

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