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Licorice Block

Licorice Block

We Produce Licorice Extract Block ( Licorice Blocks ).

Solid Licorice.

Licorice Extract Blocks

100% Natural.

100% Pure.

Best Quality.


Liquorice extract block is a natural plant extract obtained from the licorice roots. It is a solid mass with a bitter-sweet taste. The product is used as a sweetener and flavor enhancer in confectionery and health food products.

Licorice Block

The liquorice plants are dug out in summer. The roots can be up to 4 m in length. When the plant is dug up, part of the roots is cut off. The plant is replanted and will continue to grow.

The roots are cut off and dried in the sun to avoid the growth of molds. Afterwards the dry roots are grounded, frayed and made to pulp  with water. This pulp is filtered and concentrated. The concentrated extract is poured into blocks and dried. The final product is appropriately called block liquorice.

Block liquorice is used in candy, tobacco and pharmaceutical companies for further use.


Licorice Block Licorice Extract Block Licorice Block Liquorice Block Licorice Extract Block


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