Solid licorice extract blocks are one of the main products of Sepidan Osareh Co. In order to have pure and natural products, we only use the best quality and natural roots(Glycyrrhiza Glabra). Moreover we use mineral water, so the extract is without any additional substance .The color of solid licorice extract blocks is black. The final product will be checked by accurate metal detector to make sure there is no metal in blocks.

solid licorice blocks
licorice Introduction



Sepidan Osareh Jonoob Co. is well known in licorice global market. Its products include all the premium licorice products such as: Licorice extract powder, Solid Licorice blocks, Licorice extract paste, Licorice extract granules, Licorice extract nuggets, DGL and many more.

Being among the biggest licorice producers in the Middle East region, Sepidan Osareh Co. has conquered the markets in Europe, China, UAE and other countries.

Sepidan Osareh Jonoob Co. has the capability to produce 20 metric tons of licorice products per day. The products are produced by the most advanced machinery. All the products are analyzed by expert personnel using the advanced laboratory devices such as HPLC during production process.

The final products are checked by Metal Detector device and then will be exported to all over the world.

The quality grade of products can be supplied in accordance with customer requested analysis.

licorice Uses

solid Licorice Blocks

  • Traditional Medicine
  •  Pharmaceutical industry
  • Confectionery
  • Beverage and food
  • Cosmetics
  • Tobacco
  • Natural Sweetener
  • Spices
  • Pet food
Licorice Pharmaceutical
Licorice Tobacco
Licorice Confectionery
Licorice Food
Licorice- Cosmetics
Licorice-Supplementary nutrition
natural sweetener
Licorice Pet food
Licorice medicine
Licorice Beverage
Licorice Spices


solid licorice blocks
solid licorice blocks
solid licorice blocks
Licorice Extract Blocks
Licorice Extract Blocks
Licorice Extract Blocks
solid licorice blocks

sepidan Osareh ?


To gain the best quality licorice products, we select the best licorice roots from fertile lands in Iran and Azerbaijan Republic.


Complying with our customer needs and being a prominent member in global market, we offer very competitive prices with no added price value.


Considering our organized distribution network which includes air freight, container trucks and cargo ships, our customers can be assured that the products will reach them safely and soon.


In order to satisfy our customers, we will insist on high standards of customer service, so that we will completely support our customers even after their purchase. Therefore make sure that we will be on your side all the time.